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With over 70 account managers and 5000 translators from all around the world, we are just a click away and available 24/7 to meet your unique needs.



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Lang247 is on a mission to help businesses worldwide navigate the global marketplace. With decades of hands-on experience, Lang247’s consultative approach and rigorous quality checks have made them an industry leader.



At Lang247, our commitment to providing the highest quality language solutions for our clients is achieved by working to continually improve our processes and operations, exceeding expectations time and time again. This is demonstrated by our clients’ continuous satisfaction.



Lang247 is a privately owned language solutions provider. Headquartered in Dubai, the company has a network of more than 380 individuals, including managers, shareholders and linguists, all operating in 10 offices located in cities across the globe.



We may be biased, but our team are some of the best people in the business. Their talent and dedication drives our success, and through them we achieve the optimum standard and service that sets us apart from others in our field.


Whatever the size of the project, Lang247’s translation services will provide high-calibre customizable translation services. Our highly skilled and professional team is focused on delivering you with the best products, ensuring ultimate customer satisfaction.

Lang247 translation services will provide a quick, easy to understand, and quality translation service for native speakers. Our team will provide quality context for all translations even including tweets, app strings and website localization, regularly evaluating the context to make sure the work meets the expected global standards.

Lang247 translation services has a specialized team of local speakers for each target market to test for language accuracy. This ensures language accuracy and functionality.

We offer two key guarantees on quality and delivery. The first is specified in our conditions of sale. If you reasonably dispute the quality of the translation, we will provide a new version as quickly as possible at our expense. In the event of late delivery, we will discount the translation by up to 100% of the total cost. The second is even more persuasive as we offer a deferred payment. This means that you pay for the translation only after you have seen it.


Lang247 translation services has achieved an amazing standard with the Linguistic Certification Program – the most demanding certificate in the industry. This means Lang247 translation services can provide certifications for their professional linguists, who each have strong expertise in the native tongue of the Target Language Market, rigorous educational qualifications, and achievement of thorough linguistic and subject testing.


Lang247 translation services ensure the candidates provided are eligible linguistically. We do this by assessing them on their language capabilities, which is a test that measures the competency of all our agents. The assessment is based on language content standards and language policies, meaning we ensure we provide you with the best person for your project.


We make every effort to safeguard the confidentiality of your personal information. Information relating to the translation itself, the nature of the translation, and any other information the customer transmits to be translated will be treated with complete confidentiality. Lang247 translation services have extensive experience and knowledge of maintaining privacy and state secrecy laws.


Lang247 translation services specialize in recruiting multilingual professionals for every sector of your business. Ranging from part-time to full-time, permanent to short term, highly skilled to entry level, our range of solutions will help you solve every problem in ensuring your brand can communicate globally.

Lang247 translation services employ an extensive array of linguists. We provide cost effective solutions that help to allocate the right person for the job from our capable and motivated workforce.

The best person in the best position is the only way our clients can achieve their global goals. That’s why we at Lang247 translation services recruit highly skilled professionals who not only answer the phone, but help clients with any query.

Lang247 translation services include testing for translators, editors, copywriters and reviewers. Our appraisal managing technology means we have the best staff for your project to ensure your materials retain their global readability.


Modern and quality elements like a terminology glossary, translation memory technology, optical character recognition (OCR) and post-translation proof-reading by Lang247 translation services mean we are able to deal with enormous volumes of content to ensure a fast turnaround.


If you need quality and consistent translation, with cost cutting measures that meet your strict deadlines, then Lang247 translation services can make use of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. A CAT tool creates and manages Translation Memory (TM). Lang247 translation services own a large TM database by which earlier translated text can be reprocessed to help build on-going translated context. The larger the TM, the faster the translation route.


Lang247 translation services can propose a personalized approach in your translation projects using translation management technology. Translation management technology helps to eliminate repetitive tasks and therefore provide greater efficiency.

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