We are a global language translation company that specialises in Human Translation Services for over 130 language pairs.

Lang247 translation services have multilingual teams that provide Legal translation, Certified Translation, Draft Translation, Patent Translation, Summary Translation, Machine Translation and Transcription.

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Review & Quote


The first step of the process involves reviewing your files, you can easily share your files with us via WhatsApp or Email, this saves us and our clients valuable time. You can trust us with keeping your files secure and confidential, and if necessary we are able to complete and sign an NDA. The files are reviewed with a word/page count taken amongst other considerations and a quote is provided straightaway (on average within 5 minutes). The quote will inform you of the cost of the project and the time it will take for us to complete and deliver so you are clear in what to expect from us.

Assign & Translate


Once the go ahead has been given by the client the task is assigned to a translator who specialises in the particular field of the content type.

The documents are translated keeping in mind the contextual meaning of the content as opposed to a blank literal translation. The translation will be completed whilst paying particular attention to keep the same format and layout of the original file so the translation is easy to follow for anyone using the files.

Proofread & Deliver


After the translation has been completed the document is proofread by a secondary translator who will double-check for quality assurance and iron out any minor adjustments that need to be made.

Thereafter the translated files are shared with the client electronically in order to check and confirm that everything is in order. After the files have been approved they are shared with the client in their final presentation. In most cases we are able to simply share the files with you via Email however, if the original wet stamp is required then we are also able to deliver the files to your location or you can collect from the office assigned with your task.


Lang247 translation services is a group of more than 380 motivated representatives. We only hire entrepreneurial experts that have shown intelligence, due diligence, creativity and an excellence for customer service. Together we aim to give the world its most comprehensive and prevalent language solutions. Our aim is to break down language barriers and improve our customers’ organizations and lives.

We value your time, which is why we provide the fastest, most reliable and professional human translation services!

Lang247 translation service is the future of global translation. Using our dedicated 24/7 customer service, we aim to meet everyone’s translation requirements wherever and whenever they need them.

We allow people and innovation to come together, giving you speedier and on-demand translation services at competitive prices.

More than 350 of the world's top brands and associations trust Lang247 for its local and reliable services. Our devoted translation supervisors will deal with every step of the process, aiming to take away your stress by handling the project from implementation to execution.


Lang247 work with clients by providing unique translation services in more than 130 languages. Our team of experts maintain strict standards of professionalism and have exceptional etymological and interpersonal expertise when translating between two (and often more) languages.

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